Privilege 510 Heavy Weather Sailing

There’s A Storm Waiting for You

Every experienced sailor knows that no matter how well you plan your passage, chances are good that you're going to encounter some severe weather out there.

It’s really important when you’re considering a new vessel to really investigate whether or not that boat was designed with those situations in mind.

We often point out that the thing that seems the same amongst all boats is actually the thing that is the most different, and that is the fiberglass, the structure and the methodology used to build the actual boat.

Many boats today unfortunately are glued and screwed together which is not a good foundation for serious offshore sailing. You’ll find that Privilège is built with a long-term proven methodology that creates a holistic vessel where this entire structure is one piece.

From the helm and the enclosed cockpit to the over-engineered rigging and double anchors, this video tour of the Privilege 510 highlights how this boat was designed to protect you in all circumstances.

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