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Boatyard to Barcelona
Exploring Porto, Portugal
Boatyard to Barcelona
Tour the Boatyard
Boatyard to Barcelona
On route to Ibeza
Boatyard to Barcelona
Secluded anchorages along Spain's Costa del Sol
Boatyard to Barcelona
Approaching the harbor at Palma, Mallorca
Boatyard to Barcelona
At the historic harbor entrance in La Rochelle, France

Boatyard to Barcelona

join our spring flotilla
May 2022 & May 2023

Announcing our first annual Spring Flotilla for owners of new Privilege Catamarans launched and commissioned before May of 2022 and May of 2023. 

Why is Privilege catamarans america organizing this Flotilla?

This is the ultimate shakedown cruise for new Privilege Catamaran owners and another way for us to assist our North American clients who may have little or no experience sailing in Europe.

The maiden voyage of any new yacht can be challenging, so why not make an adventure of it?

before we leave

Privilege Academy

There will be a week-long training program at Privilege Academy to give new owners an opportunity to learn about their yacht’s systems with hands-on training and instruction from the experts who built their yachts.

who can come?

Anyone who has ordered a yacht through Privilege Catamarans America is invited to participate in the pre-flotilla programs including Privilege Academy and boatyard tour.

The event begins at the boatyard with a tour of the facilities followed by instructional sessions at Privilege Academy.  The location at the boatyard means we have access to the service providers, suppliers, and the experts who installed the on-board systems and will give instruction on systems and maintenance.

In addition to one-on-one orientation session at the time of delivery, the Academy gives new owners further opportunities for hands-on training on docking, maneuvering, anchoring and sailing.

Learn more about Privilege Academy. 

Ultimate shakedown cruise

Expert Support & Training

As an extension of Privilege Academy, this is a unique opportunity for us to support our North American clients who may have little or no experience sailing in Europe. 

Joining us on the Flotilla will be Captain Eric Darni. Eric has extensive knowledge of the Privilege Catamarans and has accompanied several new owners on the proposed route. He can provide valuable local knowledge, and as an expert navigator, sailor and instructor, he will also be on board your yacht for one-on-one training while underway. 

As a competitive racer and veteran sailor, Eric joined Privilege Marine in 2013 after completing the Transat Jacques Vabre regatta on his Class 40 yacht. His passion for sailing and skills in navigation makes him the ideal skipper for not only the extensive sea trails of new launches, but also in training new owners and guiding them on deliveries. 

Where will we visit?

The proposed route starts at the boatyard in Les Sables d’Olonne with our first stop a short distance south to La Rochelle, giving new owners the opportunity to feel comfortable aboard their yacht and to address any boat-related issues.

With a close eye on the weather, we will cross the Bay of Biscay to Porto, Portugal. The following stop will be the postcard-worthy seaside resort in Cascais. It will quickly become apparent that ‘castles’ will feature prominently as our backdrop! 

Once we transit the Strait of Gibraltar and sail into the Mediterranean, we will make stops along Spain’s Costa del Sol in Malaga and hop through the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Mallorca before reaching Barcelona

The itinerary, is flexible and leaves room for additional stops and extended stays along the route.

When is the Flotilla?

There are two Flotillas scheduled – May, 2022 and May, 2023.

How do I learn more?

Contact Rob Poirier at Privilege Catamarans America

+ 1 613-981-1740​​

barcelona - spain

Barcelona really needs no introduction. From the grand and whimsical architecture of it’s beloved Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi whose work is the hallmark of Modernism, to the Gothic Quarter at the center of the old city – the seaside city is a cultural hub of activity.

Stroll down the shade-covered Rambla and make your way to the Mercat de la Boqueria, a sprawling market where you can stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and more. After getting your fill of historic architecture, visiting the Picasso museum and spending an afternoon at the Surrealist artist Joan Miró’s park, grab a seat at a neighborhood tapas bar and spend the evening people watching.

palma - spain

Palma, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of islands in Spain’s western Mediterranean Sea.

There are numerous ‘must see’ places in Palma’s Old Town, starting with La Seu Cathedral that sits in the south of the Old Town and a short stroll from the port.

Walk the cobblestoned alleys to quaint cafés and restaurants, and art galleries and boutiques tucked in a backdrop of historical Roman, Moorish and Christian landmarks.

And if you reach your maximum threshold for antiquities, there are plenty of beaches and anchorages that fringe this island.

ibiza - spain

Ibiza along with Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera is one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of islands in Spain’s western Mediterranean Sea.

Known for its party scene and chill vibes, Ibiza is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Large portions of the island are protected from development and commercialization – retaining a unique Mediterranean charm. 

The old section of Ibiza City has one of the world’s few remaining Renaissance walls that were not demolished, and parts of the medieval wall are still visible. 

málaga - spain

The first stop after traversing the Strait of Gibraltar will be Málaga that lies on Spain’s Costa del Sol. 

Málaga is practically an ‘open museum’ with artifacts from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian eras – a history spanning about 2,800 years.

The shoreline of the region is fringed by rocky cliffs, beaches and bays and is an ideal introduction to cruising the Med. 


algarve - Portugal

Before traversing the Strait of Gibraltar, there are plenty of opportunities to anchor in Algarve, the southernmost region of continental Portugal. This is also the starting point where, in the 15th century, Portuguese explorers set off on an epic journey of discovery.

Numerous bays and sandy beaches give us lots of opportunities to find sheltered anchorages among soaring cliffs and sea caves.

Cascais - Portugal

Cascais is a popular seaside resort and is in close proximity to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. A 15th century fort guards Cascais’ picturesque harbor and can be seen from the marina. The Citadel of Cascais is well worth a visit and leads into the art district that boasts colorful murals and sculptures scattered around the fortification.

Perhaps the most postcard-worthy spot is the lighthouse and villa at Casa de Santa Maria. The villa, built in 1902 as a summer home for royalty, is now a museum.

Porto - Portugal

As one of the oldest European centers, it’s no surprise that Porto was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Historic cathedrals highlighting Romanesque and Gothic architecture from the 13th century dot the colorful city, and as you may have guessed, Port – the fortified wine – is named after the city that was at the center of export.

As with much of Europe, castles, fortifications and grand cathedrals will be the backdrop to the Flotilla.

la rochelle - france

La Rochelle is only a short drive from Privilege Marine – which is an ideal first stop on the Flotilla with ready support from the boatyard and an easy passage before heading across the Bay of Biscay. 

Typical of the region, this fortified city boasts many interesting and well-preserved medieval buildings within an easy stroll of this vibrant port. 

Also of note and significance to Privilege Marine, La Rochelle is the home of renowned Naval Architect Marc Lombard.

les sables d'olonne - france

Les Sables-d’Olonne has a nautical history dating back to the Roman Empire but more significantly, it is the home of Privilege Marine and the start of our Spring Flotilla.

After touring the boatyard, you’ll quickly discover how this important seaport is central to the culture at Privilege Marine. Les Sables d’Olonne is also the home of the famous solo round the world race, the Vendée Globe.

The cafes and beach front restaurants have retained their authenticity and you can enjoy fresh, local seafood, including their famous oysters farmed in the marshes. 

Cape Finisterre - spain

Depending on the weather and what Mother Nature has on offer for us when we cross the Bay of Biscay, we have the option anchor at Cape Finisterre, Spain for a reprieve.

Though we’re unlikely to sail off the edge of the earth, at one point in history, this was believed to be ‘the end of the earth’ and is one of the westernmost points of Continental Europe. It’s easy to imagine why ancient Roman’s thought this as you watch the sunset plunge into the Atlantic. 

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