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10 things not to be missed on privilege catamarans

From the wide transom steps and the use of safety glass throughout, to the downhaul and park avenue boom, we outline some of the things that might be overshadowed by the many features found aboard Privilege Catamarans.

semi custom is a big deal - boat building at Privilege

Having the in-house experience and engineering expertise means that we can customize your yacht for your specific project, something most production catamaran builders just don’t have the means or capacity to do.

tour the engine rooms aboard the Privilege 510

The engine room will tell you everything you need to know about a full-time liveaboard, offshore yacht. Does the yacht even have an engine room? How is it laid out? What’s in the engine room?

tour the deck of the new Privilege 510

Tour the deck of the new Privilege 510 and learn about the twin anchor and windlass setup, headsail line management, and look inside the numerous hatches on the foredeck and in the cockpit.

Color | One More Way to Customize a Privilege Catamaran

The semi-custom nature of a Privilege Catamaran gives owners the ability to build their yacht the way that best fits their requirements, and painting the hulls is just one more way to customize a Privilege Catamaran. 

top 10 reasons the privilege 510 is the best circumnavigator

From weather protection and dinghy storage to sail management and serviceability, the Privilege 510 is the best circumnavigator in its class. Spoiler alert, the number one reason? It was designed for this exact purpose.

Privilege & its Unique Place in the Luxury Charter Market

We’ve often said that Privilege Catamarans doesn’t build boats for charter, in fact, there are many companies that specialize in catering to the charter fleet. But the fact that a Privilege isn’t built for charter is also what makes it an outstanding charter experience.

pricing the privilege 580 | signature & circumnavigator

How much does a Privilege 580 cost? That depends. Find out how Privilege Catamarans America equipped and priced the new 580 for the optimal liveaboard catamaran. Because the 580 is the most flexible yacht in the Privilege fleet, we have created two price categories – Signature and Circumnavigator. 

pricing the privilege 510 for liveaboard

From a powered furling Genoa and Park Avenue boom to shaft drive engine installation, full cockpit enclosure and more, the Privilege 510 is fully equipped and ready for circumnavigation. Watch the video to see what else is included in the listed price.

professionals choose privilege catamarans

We spoke with Lee Adams, captain of the first Privilege 640 to launch this spring, about why he advised his clients to choose Privilege Catamarans. Wanting a true luxury yacht for their own personal use with the option to host limited charters, Lee directed his clients to the Privilege 640. 

privilege 640 series - new salon layouts

A preview in anticipation of the launch of the first Privilege 640 Catamaran this spring. The adjustable salon layouts on the new 640 reflect the individual nature of the yacht owner. The versatile convertible layouts can suit all your living requirements – from casual lounging to formal dining and everything in between.

why privilege catamarans cost more

We are often asked why Privilege Catamarans cost more. Design, construction and the boatyard are all factors that determine the cost of any vessel. The initial design intentions determine the construction methodology and materials that the highly-skilled workforce at the Privilege Marine boatyard is tasked with building.

privilege catamarans america - spring flotilla

Announcing our first annual Spring Flotilla for owners of new Privilege Catamarans launched and commissioned before May of 2022 and May of 2023. This is the ultimate shakedown cruise for new Privilege Catamaran owners and another way for us to assist our North American clients who may have little or no experience sailing in Europe.

Semi-Custom at Privilege Catamarans - Part 2

One of the defining features of Privilege Catamarans is the semi-custom nature of the build process. The engineers at Privilege Catamarans work closely with each new owner to design a yacht for their individual needs that goes far beyond color selections and layout configurations.

defining privilege catamarans

Good Ideas are Permanent. What makes a Privilege a Privilege? Long-term design elements that include both aesthetics and build, the boatyard, the focus on design for owners, and the location of the forward cabin are all defining trademarks of Privilege Catamarans. 

Forward Master Cabin | Pros & Cons

The forward master cabin location aboard all Privilege Catamarans is a defining design feature. From a true walk-around berth and plenty of ventilation and light, to additional structural strength and proximity away from noise, this feature is unique to Privilege Catamarans. 

boat building at Privilege - Freddy Michaud

We speak to Freddy Michaud, COO at Privilege Marine, about what it takes to build a semi-custom catamaran at the boatyard. 

510 Helm Features for the Long-Distance Sailor

A review of the design features that make the Privilege 510 catamaran helm perfect for long-distance, all-weather sailing.

THE New Privilege 580 | first impressions

Watch a preview of the new Privilege 580 at the Privilege Marine boatyard before the launch of the first hull in the coming weeks. 

Designing the Privilege 580 with franck darnet

We talk to Franck Darnet from Darnet Design about concepts behind the interior design aboard the new Privilege 580 catamaran. 

An Interview With naval architect Marc Lombard

We talk to Naval Architect Marc Lombard about his history with Privilege Marine. We talk about what differentiates the Privilege catamaran from other mass-produced catamarans.

Privilege 510 sea trial | the ideal conditions?

Flat seas and sunny skies may be nice for a cruise, but when making a purchasing decision on a new boat, it’s essential to test the boat in all conditions. 

Semi-custom defined at privilege catamarans

At Privilege Marine, semi-custom means making substantial changes to your catamaran to best suit the way you use it. 

Privilege 510: making a great boat better

How do you make a great boat even better? With improvements like available shaft drive propulsion, better weather protection, more storage, and passive ventilation. 


How to launch a dinghy, how to sail downwind wing on wing in light winds and more. Watch videos from our Privilege Academy program to get a sense of what it’s like to liveaboard and sail the Privilege catamaran.

two can sail a privilege catamaran

We invited Jean and Jeff from Two Can Sail to participate in this year’s Privilege Academy program in St. Augustine, FL. They are both experienced instructors and have sailed on more than 50 different catamaran brands. 


Twice a year Privilege Catamarans America holds the Privilege Academy program, bringing new owners together to learn about the on-board systems and boat handling. Watch highlights from our four-day program.

How to Launch the Dinghy | Privilege Series 5

Rob demonstrates how to launch and retrieve the dinghy aboard the Privilege 510 – Series 5 catamaran during the Winter 2019 session of Privilege Academy. It’s easy thanks to the remote controlled electric pendular davits.

Downwind Sailing | Privilege Series 5

One of the pleasures of a cruising yacht like the Privilege catamaran is downwind sailing. Rob demonstrates how you can easily deploy the Gennaker (or a code zero/screecher) and the Genoa for wing on wing light wind sailing.

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