insights into privilege catamarans

Discussions with the people who design, build and sail the Privilege Catamarans.

Forward Master Cabin | Pros & Cons

The forward master cabin location aboard all Privilege Catamarans is a defining design feature. From a true walk-around berth and plenty of ventilation and light, to additional structural strength and proximity away from noise, this feature is unique to Privilege Catamarans. We discuss both the advantages and disadvantages to this deliberate design element.

boat building at Privilege Marine - Freddy Michaud

We speak to Freddy Michaud, COO at Privilege Marine, about what it takes to build a semi-custom catamaran at the boatyard. The collective years of knowledge, experience and skills are integral to the culture at Privilege Marine. From the design group to the dedicated builders who bring years of expertise, the Privilege Marine advantage is clear.

510 Helm Features for the Long-Distance Sailor

A review of the design features that make the Privilege 510 catamaran helm perfect for long-distance, all-weather sailing.

From weather protection and visibility, to the spacious dashboard, easy deck access and contact with the crew, Rob highlights some of the most important features aboard the Privilege 510.

Designing the Privilege 580 with franck darnet

We talk to Franck Darnet from Darnet Design about concepts behind the interior design aboard the new Privilege 580 catamaran. From wood selection and visibility, to maximizing interior spaces and circulation, we get insight into what went into this process to create a timeless design at Privilege Catamarans.

THE New Privilege 580 | first impressions

Watch a preview of the new Privilege 580 at the Privilege Marine boatyard before the launch of the first hull in the coming weeks. From the spacious salon and innovative owner’s cabin, to a forward cockpit and plenty of areas for entertaining, the new Privilege 580 far exceeds our expectations.

An Interview With naval architect Marc Lombard

We talk to Naval Architect Marc Lombard about his history with Privilege Marine. We talk about what differentiates the Privilege catamaran from other mass-produced catamarans, get a better understanding on the weight of a catamaran as it relates to performance, and, of course, discuss his involvement in building the Privilege 580.

Privilege 510 sea trial | the ideal conditions?

Flat seas and sunny skies may be nice for a cruise, but when making a purchasing decision on a new boat, it’s essential to test the boat in all conditions. That’s exactly what new owners experienced when they sea trialed a new Privilege 510 with us last week at the Privilege Marine boatyard in Les Sables d’Olonne. 

Semi-custom defined at privilege catamarans

At Privilege Marine, semi-custom means making substantial changes to your catamaran to best suit the way you use it. Watch this video interview with Ken and Kathleen who are in the process of having a new Privilege 510 built to fit the way they want to live aboard and sail around the world.


We speak to Franck Darnet, founder of Darnet Design, about his work on the new Privilege 580 Catamaran. Coming from a super yacht design background, as well as a sailing pedigree, Darnet’s design is as much about material selection and layout as it is about a deep understanding of a sailor’s requirements.

Willo: Captain of s/v Namaste, A PRIVILEGE 740

We speak to Willo, the private yacht captain of a Privilege 7 Series sailing catamaran who shares some of his background and experiences sailing aboard s/v Namaste – a luxury yacht with a focus on adventure and eco tourism that’s equipped with full diving gear and specialty sonar to find unchartered shipwrecks. 

Privilege 510: making a great boat better

How do you make a great boat even better? With improvements like available shaft drive propulsion, better weather protection, more storage, and passive ventilation. See highlights aboard the Privilege 510 sailing catamaran that make it an even better blue water, liveaboard sailing catamaran.

3 generations sailing around the world

The Abbott family is on their 2nd circumnavigation aboard their Privilege sailing catamaran s/v Exit Only. They started their first one in 1995 and completed it in 2006. Today they are aboard the original boat, but this time they’ve got 3 generations on board. We speak to them while they are cruising in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.


How to launch a dinghy, how to sail downwind wing on wing in light winds and more. Watch videos from our Privilege Academy program to get a sense of what it’s like to liveaboard and sail the Privilege catamaran.

PRIVILEGE 510 interior walkthrough

Take a comprehensive look under the floorboards aboard the new Privilege 510 catamaran. We open each cupboard and floorboard to show you access to systems and reveal the tremendous amount of storage on board.


Twice a year Privilege Catamarans America holds the Privilege Academy program, bringing new owners together to learn about the on-board systems and boat handling. Watch highlights from our four-day program.

How to Launch the Dinghy | Privilege Series 5

Rob demonstrates how to launch and retrieve the dinghy aboard the Privilege 510 – Series 5 catamaran during the Winter 2019 session of Privilege Academy. It’s easy thanks to the remote controlled electric pendular davits.

Downwind Sailing | Privilege Series 5

One of the pleasures of a cruising yacht like the Privilege catamaran is downwind sailing. Rob demonstrates how you can easily deploy the Gennaker (or a code zero/screecher) and the Genoa for wing on wing light wind sailing.



Watch this insightful video of the New Privilege 510 and imagine yourself on board! The Privilege 510 is a blue water, circumnavigation class sailing catamaran designed for a cruising couple to sail and liveaboard comfortably.

Just Launched: Privilege 6 Series s/v Allure

We’re excited and can only imagine how over the moon owners Ericka and Rob are to watch the launch of their stunning s/v Allure, a brand new Privilege 6 Series catamaran. Congratulations! Watch the timelapse video to see how we launch new catamarans.


The opportunity to sail on board on the “Stradivarius of the sea” is not a common thing and when the opportunity presented itself, Lucas didn’t hesitate and immediately flew to Palma de Mallorca where the Privilege 6 was waiting for him.

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