The Owner’s Suite: A Private Privilege

Privilege 7 Series - Owner's suite

Even a citizen of the world needs a sanctuary.

Right from its very first catamaran, the structural value of Privilege’s signature “forward pod” was well understood.  This hull shape not only added strength with its three-point connection to the crossbeam, but it also created the volume required for the iconic Privilege owner’s suite.

Women have especially reminded us of just how essential a large private and comfortable space is to the enjoyment of time aboard.

Standard features include:

  • a dedicated storage/dressing area with separate shower
  • entertainment cabinet with television and independent stereo system
  • BULTEX mattress with SPACERFLEX bedspring base
  • all finished in your individual choice of wood, flooring and fabrics
Privilege 7 Series - Owner's cabin by night
Privilege 7 Series - Owner's Area
Privilege 6 Series - Owner's cabin by night
Privilege Catamaran 6 Series - Owner's Suite
Privilege 5 Series Owner's Suite
Privilege Catamaran 5 Series - Owner's Suite