The New Privilege 640 Interior is versatile and will accommodate your shifting living requirements

The New Adjustable Salon on the Privilege 640

Every day aboard can be different, and so can the salon on the new Privilege 640. The Lounge, The Zen, Dining and Super Dining configurations are all part of the innovative and flexible interior layout aboard.
640 Saloon Cabinet Detail
A detail view aboard the 640 that opens to reveal a cocktail cabinet

The adjustable interior layouts on the new 640 Signature reflect the individual nature of the yacht owner.  The versatile convertible layouts can suit all your living requirements – from casual lounging to formal dining and everything in between. The choice is yours.

We’ve highlighted five arrangements as conceptualized by Darnet Design. Remember, these are all configurations within the saloon of the same boat.

What do we mean by adjustable? 

Link here to see how you can arrange your salon aboard your Privilege 640 catamaran.

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Salwa Farah

Salwa Farah

Salwa has worked in the recreational marine industry for nearly two decades, giving her unique opportunities to participate in various sailing trips around the globe. As a published writer and photographer, Salwa has written and edited feature articles, contributed cover photographs and collaborated with a variety of magazines.

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