Signature 510

Privilège Signature 510

10 Things that matter most to a long distance sailor

1. All Weather protection

All-weather protection is fundamental to extended cruising. The Privilège Signature 510 helm features a hard dodger and full enclosure. The fact that the 510 can be sailed without leaving the helm is a great benefit while sailing in cold weather. The large cockpit is protected by a hardtop that extends right back to the aft platform. Once the full enclosure is lowered, a large, comfortable weatherproof living area is created that connects beautifully to the salon. 

Privilege 510 Sailing
The full enclosure creates a large, comfortable weatherproof living area


Short-handed sailing is the norm for a liveaboard cruiser. That’s why the Privilège Signature 510 is designed with an intelligent sail management system that allows you to trim and adjust your sails without ever leaving the helm. Single line reefing, main halyard, main sheet, genoa sheets, and downhaul are led to two electric winches right at the helm. The genoa is also easily controlled with the standard electric furling system.

An intelligent sail management system that allows you to trim and adjust your sails without ever leaving the helm


Storage capacity is essential for extended time aboard. A dedicated wardrobe in the master suite, a floor to ceiling pantry and large capacity fridge and freezer in addition to a well-appointed galley with plenty of cupboards and counter space are just a start. Also as important are spaces to store wet or bulky items such as fenders and additional sails. There’s also a dedicated location for an easy to deploy life raft in the cockpit that doesn’t interfere with the flow of movement.


A long passage can make even the largest catamaran feel small. The master suite aboard the Privilege provides that space for a private sanctuary. The large island bed, great ventilation and natural light create an area to retreat to that will enhance your life aboard. As with all Privilège Catamarans, you can bring your design ideas to this important space to customize it to the way you envision living in it.


With the popularity of heavier, centre console tenders, the ability to easily launch and raise your dinghy becomes critical to the long distance sailor. The electrical pendular system on the Privilège 510 Signature is designed to be operated by one person. The other important benefit is the security of resting the dinghy directly on the vessel’s aft deck. No heavy dinghy is left hanging precariously above the water during a passage. 

Link to watch how to launch and retrieve the dinghy.

Privilege 510 Sailing Catamaran
The electrical pendular system on the 510 Signature is designed to be operated by one person.

6. dual anchors and second windlass

Aboard a 50′, 58′ and larger catamarans, a functional windlass is a necessity. For the passagemaker having an additional windlass is as important as the second anchor itself. All Privilège Catamarans have large and deep anchor lockers and are designed to accommodate a second windlass. 

Privilege 510 Twin Anchors
Dual anchor and windlass set up. All Privilege Catamarans enjoy large and deep anchor lockers and are designed to accommodate the second windlass.

7. reliable and accessible systems

All Privilège Catamarans feature full engine rooms and equipment intelligently located throughout the boat. Maintenance is routine for the liveaboard and easy access to all systems is essential. 


Passive ventilation while at anchor and silent a/c when needed. With 7 overhead hatches in the master suite and 5 in the salon, air flow while at anchor is ideal. Privilège Catamarans are equipped with a central chiller system so you’ll enjoy interior comfort with far less noise, even in extreme heat. 


The Privilège Signature 510 is available with twin 80 hp Yanmar engines with shaft drives.  All cruisers understand that there are times when their sailboat needs to be a good powerboat. While docking in a cross wind or motoring against a strong current, nothing is more stressful than being under powered. 

Shaft Drive Propulsion
2 x Yanmar 80hp shaft drive engines


Privilège catamarans are designed to protect you. Almost everything on this list is also a safety issue. Weather protection, a secure tender, the power needed in adverse situations, a back up anchor and the ability to lower a mainsail no matter what are all things that make a boat safer. 

Privilege Catamarans are designed and built to protect you.
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