510 Technical Insights

Systems Aboard the Privilege 510

Take a deep dive into the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems aboard the Privilege Signature 510 catamaran.

Watch our series of technical videos about the Privilege 510. We walk you through the entire electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, showing locations of various components including insights on how to use the remote electrical panel, various engine components and water management aboard.

Note: each Privilege 510 is unique in it’s set up and is customized according to each owner’s individual equipment selection.

Play Video about Privilege 510 Electrical Systems
Play Video about Privilege 510 Mechanical Systems
Play Video about Privilege 510 Plumbing Systems

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Building the Privilège Signature 510 | Part 1

The really good news about the new Privilège Signature 510 is that it isn’t a completely new design. The hull from the former 5 Series has changed little as it has proven to be a solid design for long distance, liveaboard cruising.

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