Privilege 510 Helm

Privilège Signature 510 Helm Features

A review of the design features that make the Privilège Signature 510 catamaran helm perfect for long-distance, all-weather sailing.

Nothing says more about the intended purpose of design on a catamaran than the helm station. From weather protection and visibility, to the spacious dashboard, easy deck access and contact with the crew, here are highlights of the most important features aboard the Privilège Signature 510.

Weather protection:  A hard dodger and full enclosure are a great start, but what also makes this the perfect helm in all conditions is the fact that both main and heads sails can be managed without leaving the wheel.

Visibility:  While sailing or docking, the Privilège Signature 510 provides excellent visibility forward and aft.

Contact: There is always easy contact between the helm and cockpit, which also enjoys a weather-tight enclosure. This is especially important on those very long passages.

Deck Access:  The deck is easily accessible from the helm, so docking, throwing lines, and moving around is never an obstacle course.

Dashboard:  The dashboard on the Privilège Signature 510 provides the area needed to have all electronics and displays right in front of you. There is plenty of room for 2 displays, weather instruments and controls for sail management.

Low Profile Helm: The boom is lower with a lower centre of gravity, making it ideal for long-distance sailing. Of course, a lower position makes the boom and mainsail more accessible.

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