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Building the Privilège Signature 510 | Part 2

The Privilège Signature 510 hull #1 was recently launched and is now being commissioned. We’ll soon have pictures that will highlight the improvements to what was already a serious bluewater passagemaker.
At the same time as mechanical and electrical systems are being installed, furniture is also being moved on board.

It’s a highly organized choreography that takes place as the furniture and other systems need to be added at times that don’t interfere with one another. The furniture is also glassed in place using a method called taping. This involves workers from the FRP department applying strips of fiberglass fabric used to “tape” the wood furniture directly to the hull, bulkheads and deck creating greater structure throughout the vessel.

Once in place, the cabinets are carefully covered with cardboard to protect all surfaces during construction from any dents or dings.

Getting as much work completed before the deck is installed is important because once attached, access to the vessel is largely limited to the companionway.
510 Hull 1 Part 2 Construction
Attaching the crossbeam.

The new windshield, seen here with protective covering, has been redesigned to provide full weather protection and is available in safety glass.

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