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Privilege 510 Sailing

Privilege 510 Catamaran | Making a Great Boat Better

There is little doubt that the Privilege 5 Series has an outstanding reputation. So how do you make a great boat even better?

There is little doubt that the Privilege 5 Series has an outstanding reputation for it’s great sea keeping qualities, an exceptional interior layout, intelligent line management system designed for short-handed crew, and other key features that make it an ideal catamaran for a cruising couple.

So how do you make a great boat even better? 

With improvements like available shaft drive propulsion, even better weather protection, more storage, and passive ventilation.

In short, here are the highlights of the main differences aboard the New Privilege 510 and the Series 5 catamarans.

Making a Great Boat Better​

Watch this video as we highlight some of the improvements aboard the Privilege 510 Sailing Catamaran.

Available Shaft Drive Propulsion

A serious offshore passagemaker should not be burdened with saildrives. 

The Privilege 510 offers an option for a shaft drive propulsion system. If you’re considering sailing around the world, the robust shaft drive is far less problematic and more serviceable, particularly in remote places.

Shaft Drive Yanmar Engine Installation
Shaft Drive Yanmar Engine Installation

Improvements to Weather Protection

Weather protection is critical and while the Privilege Series 5 already had a great helm and full enclosure, the new 510 has an improved windshield, making it more weather tight. The original windshield was designed with a gap around the stainless steel frame. Now that gap is gone, creating a complete seal between the frame and the safety glass.

Storage for a Liveaboard

Like all Privilege Catamarans, the 510 is a semi-custom build that gives the owner flexibility to accommodate their particular requirements. There are, however, new standard storage solutions that are suited for the long-term liveaboard such as the walk-in closet in the owner’s suite, better options in the pantry, and an expanded and dedicated cabinet for the tv with additional storage below.

Passive Ventilation

When you are at anchor for the majority of time you won’t always want to rely on air conditioning to keep cool and comfortable. The additional overhead hatches in the salon allow for better airflow throughout.

Another significant improvement is the placement of two large windows in the owner’s cabin. An alteration in the hull mold not only creates additional headroom in the suite, it also creates a bigger surface for the placement of larger windows.

Other Noteworthy Changes

For a smoother deck surface, the hatches are all flush mounted. Twin cleats have also been added amidships making it easier to tie up while at dock. There is additional seating in the cockpit, and a more functional grilling station aboard is ideal for entertaining.

Just as important to note is what hasn’t changed aboard, such as the option for a pedular davit system to easily raise and lower the tender, the intelligent line management at the helm, the superior twin anchoring system, and of course, the proven hull shape designed for its heavy weather sailing ability and live aboard capacity.

Link for more information about the Privilege 510.

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