Pre-owned Privilège

Find a pre-owned Privilège

We’ve teamed up with Jeff and Jean from Two Can Sail to help you find the right pre-owned Privilège Catamaran. Having delivered and instructed aboard several Privilège Series 5’s, their knowledge of Privilège Catamarans coupled with their extensive background, make this an ideal relationship. 

two can sail

Meet Jeff and Jean

Jeff and Jean from Two Can Sail Yacht Sales and Services have been fans of Privilège Catamarans for quite some time. With experience operating 53 different cruising catamaran models, and as certified surveyors, they cite the overall build quality and system design as the two primary reasons for recommending Privilège to their clients.

It’s not just the design and build quality alone, but the fact that Privilège is well-suited to their client’s needs – it is both easy to handle by a couple and sails better than most other cruising catamarans (dagger boards excepted). 

As the name suggests, Two Can Sail focuses on the unique dynamics of cruising couples. They have developed ways for couples to handle large catamarans that are safe and easy. With a priority on finding the best yacht suited to a cruising couple, for Jeff and Jean, the Privilege continues to check off those boxes.

It is this dedication to their clients’ that brought us to invite them aboard to represent the pre-owned market for Privilege Catamarans America. As certified surveyors, they will do the research and advise you on the right yacht for your cruising needs. 

Link to their website to learn more about Two Can Sail, their services and available pre-owned Privilège Catamarans.