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Miami International Boat Show 2020

Thanks to everyone who stopped by or joined us at the Miami International Boat Show We had a such a good time! Thanks to the Keith, Renee, Anna, Jack, Finn & Kate from Sailing Zatara for taking the time to ‘ meet & greet’ fans of their YouTube sailing channel; it was great hanging out with you all and thanks to our friend, Salwa of Wandering Phocus for capturing it on camera and sharing it with us. And, ofcourse, a special thank you and congratulations to John & Noelia, the new owners of this Privilege 500 – welcome to the Privilege family!

NEW! PRIVILEGE 510 – Hull #1, Part One:

Delivery of ‘Wild Rose II’ – A Photo Essay

Cruising World Magazine story, “Cat Classes in the BVI”

For three days in the British Virgin Islands, new and prospective catamaran owners took part in a training program to get one step closer to launching their cruising dreams.

Privilege Academy – BVI April 2019

It could not have gone better; the perfect mix of people enjoying the same ambition and a location famous for its world class sailing.

Miami International Boat Show 2019

The number of people we met at this year’s Miami Boat Show who plan to live aboard was exceptional.

Thank you for your interest and for sharing your stories and plans. The boat we brought to Miami this year was designed exactly for that ambition.

Keith, Renee & the kids from Sailing Zatara, a.k.a the ‘Z-Crew’ were here to answer your questions and share stories. Riley from La Vagabond dropped by to say ‘Hello’; it was quite the moment

La Grande Motte & Palma Boat Shows

Thanks to all who visited us at the La Grande Motte boat show and Palma show. 3 cities, 2 deliveries and 2 great shows! Amazing!
And thank you those who sailed with us and to everyone at Privilege Marine, what a great group of people!

Review of the Privilege 6 Series; lots of good information and photos too.