Forward Master Cabin | Advantages & Disadvantages

The forward master cabin location aboard all Privilège Catamarans is a defining design feature.


From a true walk-around berth and plenty of ventilation and light, to additional structural strength and proximity away from noise, this feature is unique to Privilège Catamarans. We discuss both the advantages and disadvantages to this deliberate design element.


1. Structure: Placing the master cabin forward requires more structure that in turn benefits the overall strength and integrity of the boat. The structure, or ‘pod’, extends further forward to the crossbeam, allowing for not only the placement of the master cabin forward, but also provides larger anchor lockers and deeper storage aboard.

Privilège Series 640 Sailing

2. Ventilation: With the cabin forward configuration, there are as many as 6 to 9 opening hatches depending on the specific Privilege Catamaran model. This is beneficial when at anchor for providing passive ventilation and light.

3. True Island Berth: Unlike other catamaran builders that carve off the end of the bed to create access for walking around, the ends of the beds aboard the Privilège Catamarans are not chopped-off, and are true full beds with walk-around berths.

4. Isolated from Noisy Components: The master cabin is placed forward and away from noisy mechanical components. Engines, water pressure pumps, the generator and the AC compressors are all placed in the aft locker, away from the main cabin.

Privilege 510 Stateroom

5. Quiet at Marinas: As a general rule, catamarans dock stern-to at marinas. A placement of the master cabin aft could mean that you are exposed to regular dock noises – even normal conversations dock-side can be enough to disturb your sleep. By placing the master cabin forward, you not only have more privacy, but you are also further distanced from dock noise.


So why don’t other catamaran builders build this way?

Simple Economics: For every private buyer of a catamaran, there are charter companies buying catamarans by the hundreds. Charter companies are driving the design decisions for these mass-produced catamarans. If a builder is trying to create as many heads and beds to maximize bookings in the hospitality industry, having a large, dedicated master suite forward doesn’t make financial sense.

Motion Under Certain Conditions: Under certain conditions, there is more motion in the forward cabin. There tends to be more motion under certain rough seas, but as anyone who is familiar with the Privilège Catamarans, they know that they tend to sail flat in most sea conditions.

Privilège Series 640 aft

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