Factory Tour

1.  The Facilities:

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The Privilège shipyard enjoys a compelling location in Les Sables d’Olonne, France. 

Not only is it an ideal facility for building and launching its premium line of catamarans but it is also the departure point of the famous Vendée Globe solo, around the world race. 

This is the same location where the company was started by Philippe Jeantot (himself a solo circumnavigation champion) in 1985.

2.  Let’s start at the end.  Commissioning:

  1. Mast being delivered for a 6 Series.
  2. Typical cluster of tools seen at the early stages of commissioning.
  3. Interior work at the dock. Upholstery is always added last.
  4. New 5 Series with rigging in place.

3.  Working from the outside in. The fiberglass shop:

The hulls, decks and structural bulkheads are all infused sandwich with Vinylester based resins known for their anti osmosis properties.

  1.  5 Series deck mold is polished and waxed before the lay up begins.
  2.  On the 5 Series the mold is first sprayed with gelcoat.
  3.  This metal frame provides support and  is then used to turn over the newly constructed deck.
  4.  A newly completed deck being trimmed.
  5.  Shop for small fiberglass components.
  6.  5 Series hull #21. This will be the first boat with the Phase 2 design changes.
  7.  Deck in place and ready to be lifted on the the hull.

4.  Installation of equipment and furniture:

  1.  Notice that all bulkheads are made of infused closed cell foam coring; no plywood or balsa is used.
  2.  Preparation for installation of crossbeam.
  3.  Furniture is carefully protected during construction.
  4.  Furniture is protected.

5.  Design and Engineering:

  1.  Each yacht requires weeks and sometimes months of preplanning and the design office makes sure all goes as planned on the factory floor.
  2.  Most renderings are computer generated, but sometimes a hand sketch best captures a clients ideas.

An Invitation

You are always very welcome to join us on our next visit to the Privilège shipyard in France and, if timing allows, a sea trial is a real possibility. 
Contact rob@privilegecatamaransamerica.com