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Cruising World Magazine Review: Privilège Series 6

Straight from France, the Privilège Series 6 is well-suited for ticking off the miles between here and there.

Privilège Series 6

By Mark Pillsbury | Editor at Cruising World Magazine

Privilège’s roots go back to the mid-1980s, and over the years, the company has proved adept at building big, long-legged cruising cats. With the Series 6, that reputation has become a little more polished.

Blue skies, 12 knots of breeze and a long ocean swell washing toward Miami’s famed South Beach delivered perfect conditions for a thoroughly enjoyable sea trial aboard Privilège’s latest bluewater cruiser. I expect, though, even in driving rain and double the breeze, the new Series 6 cat would have fared just fine.

As it was, under full main and genoa, we danced along at a little better than 8 knots close on the wind, and then added a knot when we cracked off to a reach and eased the headsail and traveler. I could easily do both by myself while sitting atop the flybridge. Sheets, electric winches and control buttons were all within reach, a very well-planned layout for a shorthanded crew.


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