Construction Photos of Privilege 510

Hull #1 - Part 3

Shaft Drive and Prop

Launch and Improvements

Bottom paint, shaft and prop.  The last step in preparing to launch the new boat is to apply the bottom paint.  In this case the owners decided on Coppercoat with its promise of less maintenance.  This is another opportunity to show the important shaft drive feature on the 510.

510 outside

Moving the boat for launch.

launch 510


Stepping the Mast

Stepping the mast.

new windshield

New windshield.  The helm now enjoys better weather protection thanks to a fully water tight, safety glass windshield.

Line mgmt 510

Line management.  The Privilege has always provided for complete line control at the helm.  This improvement replaces a line bag with a locker that will better survive the elements.

Shaft Drive

Shaft Drive.  This most important upgrade also provides for great engine access.  Pictured here are optional 110 hp Yanmars.

Flush hatches

Flush hatches.


Twin Cleats amidship.  This is a really good improvement that will make life better and easier at the dock.

Twin Windlass set up

Twin Windlass set up.  This is not actually a new option, but I wanted to show it on the 510.  The Privilege 510 continues to be one of very few catamarans designed for this arrangement that is so  important for long distance sailors.

openning skylight

Salon ventilation (opening skylight)  The number of opening overhead hatches in the salon have increased from 3 to 5.

master windows

Master cabin (master windows)  The amount of passive ventilation and size of windows has also been increased in the master cabin.

salon TV 510

Salon cabinets and tv.  The furniture in the salon now offers additional storage and better television placement.

new back rest

Cockpit comfort (new back rest)  The excellent enclosure and overall comfort of the cockpit of the Privilege has always been popular.  The 510 provides extra seating by adding a backrest beside the sliding door.

Other improvements include additional solar panels, a better helm enclosure, larger nav deck, more cabin configurations and better deck hardware.  More and better pictures will become available in the coming weeks as the boat completes the commissioning and testing period.