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bathing suits & boat shoes

What to bring on an offshore passage

The new adjustable salon

Every day aboard can be different, and so can the salon on the new Privilege 640

the New 580 Catamaran

The Privilege 580 is a completely new design. The only thing it shares with the former 585 is the designer, Marc Lombard.

the New 510 Circumnavigator

Take a look inside the Privilege factory
what's new at Privilege
John and Noelia aboard s/v Sayonara

Boat Shoes & Bathing Suits

One of the biggest questions sailors have when leaving for an offshore passage is what to bring with them. For John and Noelia, the answer way easy: bathing suits, lots of bathing suits, and boat shoes.

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The Home of Privilege

Design & outstanding craftsmanship are a given, but what makes Privilege the single best
sailing catamaran today has much to do with where it is built.
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