Construction Photos of Privilege 510

Hull #1 - Part 1

510 construction photos

The really good news about the new 510 is that it isn’t a completely new design. The hull from the former 5 Series has changed little as it has proven to be a solid design for long distance, liveaboard cruising.

This photo shows a Yanmar 110 hp engine being lowered in place. The great news is that this 510 will have shaft drive propulsion.  Saildrives are fine if you plan to sail close to service centres but a true bluewater yacht should always have shaft drive.

510 construction photo 2

Engine access will be primarily from the deck but interior service access will also be available.  Notice the bulkheads are all vacuum bagged, closed-cell foam and are glassed in place.  A good vessel should be constructed to outlive all systems and equipment installed.

510 construction photo 3

The shaft drive requires the attachment of a strut.  All mechanical systems can now be serviced without a haul-out.

510 construction photo 4

As many components as possible are installed before the deck is put in place.  Once the deck is installed, almost everything and everybody has to pass through the saloon door.

510 construction photo 5

The deck is all new for the 510.  The deck is built into the mould upside-down and must be turned once removed.  You can see that accommodation has been made for flush hatches.

510 construction photo 6

The cabin top is higher making room for larger saloon windows.   The 510 is an example of taking a concept that has worked very well and simply making improvements based on real world experience.

510 construction photo 7

As with the hull, as much work as possible is completed on the deck prior to when the two are joined together.  Deck hardware will profit from a better install thanks to the extra work room available.

510 construction photo 8

Items such as the hard top, teak deck, solar panels, davit system and more are best installed in advance.

510 construction photo 9

Stayed tuned as we’ll be showing more pictures in the near future.  No one is more excited to see progress than proud owners and soon to be world travelers, Iris and Volker. Next…PART 2 >>>