Delivery of 'Wild Rose II' - A Photo Essay

Taking delivery of a new Privilege catamaran is understandably a thrilling event. For many it can also be very stressful. Rob and his captain Brett, however, arrived better prepared than most.

Brett Rob and Rob on Wildrose II
Captain Brett, Rob Poirier & Rob Sissons, new owner of 'Wildrose II'

The owner of ‘Wild Rose II’ is Rob Sissons from Alberta, Canada. His previous boat was a 65′ trawler, but the Privilege 500 is his first sailboat. At Privilege Catamarans America, we understand that the delivery process should start well before the new boat is ready. For that reason, we consider our Privilege Academy program to be the first phase of the delivery experience. We believe the new owner should already understand the mechanical and electrical systems of the new boat and be comfortable sailing the vessel well before it’s even splashed. This will assure the delivery is more ‘joy’ and less ‘stress’.

Because Rob plans to sail extensively as well as continue running a business, he hired a full-time captain for Wild Rose II. Rob and his captain, Brett, both attended our Privilege Academy program at Nanny Cay this past April.

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Privilege Academy in the British Virgin Islands - April 3 - 6, 2019

It could not have gone better; the perfect mix of people enjoying the same ambition and a location famous for its world class sailing. We chose Nanny Cay in the British Virgin Islands as the location for our first Privilege Academy because it’s our base of operations with an experienced team in place. The fact that everyone got along so well made the program feel more like a group of friends sailing together than a training event.

Privilege Catamarans America

The purchase of any liveaboard sailing yacht can be stressful. The first year of ownership is usually the most challenging and we at Privilege Catamarans America are determined to make that transition to your new life much more enjoyable. We know from experience that if the new owner has a working knowledge of the vessel’s electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, delivery day will be bring more joy and less jitters. The experience of sailing, anchoring and docking your new boat increases your confidence.

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Privilege Catamaran on the cover of Cruising World MagazineWe’re on the cover of Cruising World Magazine!  “Cat Classes in the BVI, Owners Learn the Ropes” by Jennifer Brett is a story about ‘Privilege Academy‘ featured in the June/July Multihull Issue 2019. Available on newstands now!

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Every 4 years, the world’s top solo sailors set out from Les Sables-d’Olonne to compete in something so mad, so daring, and so epic that only a handful of sailors have ever summoned the courage to attempt it – sail around the world alone.  Read More

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